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Florida's Best Beaches

Flagler Beach is considered by many as Florida's finest beach for natural, unspoiled beauty. There is more than 19 miles of uncrowded cinnamon colored sand with plenty of room for sports, fishing or just relaxing in the sun. The vibe is low-key and laid-back. You are more likely to see dolphins and turtles than rowdy spring breakers, and entertainment comes in the form of the colorful characters who populate the town.

  • Pet friendly

  • Great surfing

  • No hi-rise hotels, arcade games, wax museums or roller coasters


Flagler Beach Municipal Pier rents poles and sells bait, where seniors, kids and families can all be found casting a line. Free beaches and parking, low-priced admission to attractions, inexpensive, oceanfront dining and accommodations make a moderately priced family vacation a reality.

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Make a Splash!

Marineland Dolphin Adventure has spent the last 81 years focusing on animal love and care. Celebrating their facility full of dolphins with a pro-conservation way of educating, learning, and inspiring others. MDA is an interaction education facility that prides itself on interaction programs with their 15 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. A general admission pass gives guests the chance to view the entirety of the facility as well as the following programs:


  • 10:30am: Shark Talk presentation with Aquarist team of Marineland. See and learn everything there is to know about the Sand Tiger Sharks of MDA.

  • 11:15am/2:30pm: Trainer Talk Presentation with Animal Training team of Marineland. Behold the many talented learning behaviors exhibited by the trainers and dolphins of MDA.

  • 11:30am/2:45pm: Take the Behind the Seas Walking Tour with the informative tour guides of Marineland. Witness and learn about over 100 different species of fish and invertebrates in MDA’s underground Aquarium.

  • Guests may also have the opportunity to upgrade to a dolphin interaction program depending on time and availability. Interactions such as the Meet and Greet dockside program, the Dolphin Encounter waist deep program, the Swim Adventure full swim program and the Royal Swim top tier dolphin program!


However you choose to experience Marineland, you’ll enjoy both an incredible place to play and the opportunity to join in the adventure of preserving marine life for future generations.

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