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Grammy-Award Winning Songwriters Bring Nashville to Palm Coast

Grammy-award winning songwriters brought a little bit of Nashville to Palm Coast during the 3-day Palm Coast Songwriters Festival May 3-5. Nearly 1,000-music lovers were treated to the stories behind some of the most recognizable country music songs of today and yesteryear at the festival. Performed by the artists who crafted their lyrics, the 14 Nashville songwriters, including Hall of Fame Songwriter Jeffrey Steele, opened up and offered a glimpse into their lives; sharing what inspired them to write each song they had crafted over the years. The second year music festival attracted dozens of out of town visitors as well as nearly 1,000 people during the three days.

The songwriters performed award-winning, chart topping songs over the three-day period at the Daytona State College Palm Coast Amphitheater as well as the Palm Coast Arts Foundation venue. Performers included; James Slater, Leslie Satcher, Jim Collins, Leslie Satcher, Tyler Reeve, Chris Wallin, Jeffrey Steele, Anthony Smith, Jim Collins, Thom Shepherd and Coley McCabe, Lee Thomas Miller, Stephony Smith, and Kylie Shackley.

There was also a popular local/Florida songwriter round featuring Taylor Phillips, Damon Pullias and Michael Scerbo.  

Anyone interested in attending next year, is asked to stay connected via social media at PalmCoastSongFest on Facebook and Instagram and PalmCoastFest on Twitter. They can also continue to visit the website at for video and pictures from the recent shows, along with updates on award winning artists who will be performing at our show next May 1, 2 and 3, 2020 and tickets, which will be available for purchase early next year.  

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