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Songwriter of “Homemade,” "Beach Boys," and "Kinda Don't Care".

The varied social and economical tides between Westminster, MD and Romney, West Virginia, is where Jared Mullins emerged into the songwriter that he is today. With a connection to country music internally and a lifetime of labor, love, family, triumphs, and pitfalls, Mullins life rang out like many of the chorus’s that had been penned on 16th Avenue South for the last 65 years. Mullins landed in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2013 and quickly made his way into the music industry by being himself.


Mullins, by way of southern country boy wit and grit quickly began to see that immersing himself into the Music Row country music scene was what he was absolutely born to do. After a brief stint selling blender's in Costco's across the southeast, Mullins was offered his his first publishing deal in 2014. From this point forward Mullins began to carve out and solidify his own network of artists, songwriters, publishers, and plainly stated, friends within the country music industry. This has led Mullins to where he is today on 16th Avenue South, in the heart of music row. If you do not know Mullins then turn your radios up a little louder, because you will very soon. Mullins' songwriting credits include Jake Owen's #1 hit "Homemade", LOCASH's upcoming single "Beach Boys" (ft. The Beach Boys) and cuts with Morgan Wallen, Kane Brown, Cole Swindell, Justin Moore, Granger Smith, Runaway June, Parmalee, and more.

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