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Songwriter of "God Whispered Your Name", “High Cost of Living,” "In My Daughter's Eyes,” “Guys Named Captain”​

James Slater is a two-time, Grammy nominated, piano-playing, bilingual singer-songwriter of Bolivian American descent signed to BMG Music Publishing in Nashville, Tennessee. Slater was born in Durham, North Carolina, and raised in the Panama Canal Zone in Central America.


Keith Urban, Willie Nelson, Tim McGraw, Enrique Iglesias, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney, Kelly Pickler, Alabama, Reba McEntire, Gloriana, Martina McBride, Chris Brown, Chris Young and a host of others have recorded his songs. His Grammy nominations include Jamey Johnson's "The High Cost of Living," country song of the year, and Martina's “In My Daughter’s Eyes,” which is a modern-day standard.


James lived in Zurich Switzerland for six years touring, recording and writing with Belgian super group Vaya Con Dios and has traveled the world from Panama to Dublin and from Spain to Havana. Slater’s “Key West Address" is a love letter to the island, so much so that the mayor of Key West has awarded him the "Keys to the City" and proclaimed the song as the island's official theme. His latest release is “Mexicoma,” which is available on Spotify and ITunes features 15 new songs including the raucous “Mexicoma,” which Tim McGraw recorded.

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