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bridgette tatum
Image by Jefferson Santos


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Songwriter of “Hillbilly Rockstar,” "Loud," "That's Love Y'all," and "She's Country"

Raw God given talent and passion for her craft is clearly the driving force behind many of artist/songwriter Bridgette Tatum’s high-profile career milestones. 


In 2009, this native of Florence, South Carolina, co-wrote the most played song on country radio stations across the U.S.  A tremendous achievement for any songwriter, the song, “She’s Country,” recorded and released by Platinum-selling country superstar Jason Aldean, held the number one position on the chart for two consecutive weeks, reached two million plays, and out sold every genres ringtones, all of which are rare accomplishments, as well.


Tatum’s song, “Loud” was selected as the official theme song for ACC football’s 2010 season. This fast-paced anthem celebrates the excitement and energy of ACC Football, captured in a raucous music video that was seen in all ACC markets, resulting in exposure for Bridgette totaling more than 27 million households. (She’s a big ‘ol Clemson Tigers fan!)


Add to these accolades Tatum’s own album released on iTunes, her single releases including “I like my Cowboy’s Dirty,” “That’s Love Y’all,” (which was in the Top 40), “Hillbilly Rockstar,” and her current two Gretchen Wilson singles, “ Summertime Town” and “Stacy” from “Ready to get Rowdy”, her recent Randy Houser’s “Back” (Fired Up), Kristy Lee Cook (“Lookin’ for a Cowgirl”), The Farm, and George Clinton cuts, you have the makings of a woman building a sustainable music career for a lifetime of success. She also has produced several acts and is torching a way for female producers to include credits and works with The Lockets, AJ Sanders, Dave McElroy, Uncle Si & The Sicotics and more. 


While Bridgette continues to create music, she balances it with her charitable work within The Charley Foundation (, and donating her time and talents to various charities around the middle Tennessee area.


“If it's real and you are making it honest, that's what people need to hear from the music. I want to know if I die tomorrow that they heard it with purpose and passion.” With unfailing honesty and a penchant for risk-taking, Tatum is storming the scene on her own terms and winning fans at every turn.

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