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40+ Songwriters with 150+ #1 HIT SONGS reveal the stories behind them
and perform them for you in a 4-day music celebration!

The Palm Coast Songwriters Festival is the premier music event celebrating the art of songwriting in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida. This annual festival brings together renowned and emerging hit songwriters from across the country to share their stories and perform their original songs in an intimate setting. Experience the magic of live music as artists reveal the inspirations behind their hit songs, providing a unique glimpse into the creative process. Join us for unforgettable musical performances and storytelling, and discover why the Palm Coast Songwriters Festival is the best songwriters festival in the country!

chris wallin.jpg

"Palm Coast Songwriters Festival is the only songwriting festival that I play anymore. I don't care how long a festival has been running, every one of them could learn something from this one when it comes to how they treat the songwriters. Unbelievably organized and they stay compact and get nothing but the top songwriters. (except for me. Somehow I slipped in.shhh) Absolutely nothing against any other songwriting festival that I have ever played. I'm always thankful to have a stage to play my songs but this one is my current festival to do that in." 

- Chris Wallin

casey beathard.jpg

"It's definitely my favorite songwriters fest I've done in my 30+ year career. There's always someone great, somwhere in a top venue, playing and singing songs I know and there's always loyal die hard fans there to support us all. It's truly just a fun few days of getting to know the fans and where the songs came from!"

- Casey Beathard

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